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Ballroom Dance Lessons for Singles and Couples

Go from wallflower to dancing queen.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Carmichael specializes in teaching beginner dancers how to survive on the dance floor. Our interrelated system makes learning to dance to any style of music fun, quick, and easy!

We teach any dance you can dance with a partner: Waltz, Swing, or Cha Cha? You got it. Salsa, Tango, Two-Step? No Problem! With over 30 styles of dance to choose from, we've got you covered.

Arthur MurrayThe Legacy

Arthur Murray, our founder, believed that EVERYONE can learn to dance. What started as mail order footprints, quickly grew into a family of franchised dance studios with over 280 locations worldwide. Well over a century later, we continue his tradition of innovative dance teaching. Whether you’ve been dancing for years or have two left feet, our fool-proof method is designed to get you on the dance floor fast!

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Arthur Murray Quote

We don't stop dancing because we grow too old; we grow old when we choose to stop dancing.

— Arthur Murray

New Students

What to expect on your first lesson

After answering a few questions about your goals, aspirations, and the look and feel you’d like to have, you'll be guided through a few basics by one of our highly-trained instructors.

You'll start to learn to dance on your very first lesson, and leave with a plan of action for the next few sessions.

At Arthur Murray, we've developed a fool-proof method to help you learn to dance the quickest way possible and achieve your goals.

Start dancing today!

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